Jewish Healthcare Foundation

  • Project: Jewish Healthcare Foundation QIT Training Space 
  • Owner: Jewish Healthcare Foundation 
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA 
  • Architect: Stantec 

Landau Building Company renovated the 3,300 SF Jewish Healthcare Foundation QIT space, located at the City Center Tower Building in downtown Pittsburgh. The QIT space (which means a merging of "quality" and "information technology") is used primarily for member training and meetings. A curved wall that obstructed the view of the terrace was removed from the lobby area, which allowed space for a new handicap-accessible unisex restroom and a foldable registration table to be installed. The conference room was upgraded with new paneling and a glass wall. With a flip of a switch, the glass wall transitions from transparent to opaque instantly, creating privacy needed during meetings. Training areas were expanded and upgraded with new finishes, tables, and lighting. A new retractable awning, complete with lighting, was installed outside in the terrace, allowing more users to enjoy the space for both training sessions and pleasure. Landau completed the project in less than four months. Thanks to the multi-phased schedule and night-shift hours, the center remained in full operation and planned events occurred during construction. The project was partially funded using a Gaming Economic Development Fund, grant which is administered by the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County to facilitate economic development projects in Allegheny County.