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Christ Church Fox Chapel

Landau recently completed renovations to Christ Church Fox Chapel, transforming a confined, narrow space into an open and inviting  community area. Christ Church Fox Chapel was previously the Gould family mansion and was converted into a church during the 1940s. Therefore, the overall goal was to maintain the traditional architecture, like Christ Church-2modeling the doors and columns after the original design. Superintendent Jeff Miazgowicz spent extra time crafting new paneling for the columns himself, knowing how important it was to the church.  The original parlors were  converted into one large social area, complete with piano and electric fireplace. A men’s restroom, which was previously located in the adjacent building, was created from an old office and closet space, and the  ladies room was updated as well.  The walls were given a fresh coat of paint, and gray slate tile replaced the warped hardwood.  Coincidently, the original blueprints from the 1940’s called for gray slate flooring, so it was extra special to the church that they could afford it now. The back walkway aIMG_7034nd terrace were rebuilt to level out the ground and to make those doors handicap-accessible.  The space is completely transformed, creating new energy and optimism, and we couldn’t be more proud of our work here. A special thank you to Courtney Myhrum, a church member who volunteered her time as project manager for the church.  We enjoyed working with Courtney, Reverend Alex Shuttleworth, and everyone at Christ Church, and we hope to work with them again in the future.

TribLive published a great article about this project, which you can read here.


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