Safety & Training

Landau Building Company considers safety the most important aspect of every project. Each project is required, per Landau’s Safety Policy, to have a SITE SAFETY PLAN, which is developed by our Safety Director, Project Manager, and Superintendent during the pre-construction phase. By developing this plan early in the process, we are able to foresee and prevent many issues that may arise during construction. The focus of the Site Safety Plan varies between projects, but the safety of all concerned remains the top priority.

Because of our ongoing work in the healthcare industry, all superintendents and project managers take the United Brotherhood of Carpenters training course in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA). The course, Best Practices in Healthcare Construction, has as its primary goal to protect patients and their environment. This includes curbing the release of pathogens during a building project, as well as other safety measures. Landau implements these practices not only in healthcare situations, but on other projects as well.

All Landau employees are required to be OSHA-30 certified. In addition, Landau offers its employees a specialty training course in excavation, one of the largest hazards in the construction industry. All Superintendents and Project Managers are required to take the course. With this training, these employees can be considered the competent person during excavation.

Over the past three years Landau’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR) has been .703 (2023), .688 (2022), AND .688 (2021), which is more than below the industry standard of 1.0.