Landau can provide preconstruction services with any project that is negotiated early in the design phase. This can be with a design-build contract or general contracting work, but most often occurs when Landau is hired as Construction Manager.

Effective cost estimating and budgeting are at the heart of every successful construction project. In a collaborative effort with the owner and design team, we provide cost and constructability information and help the project team make informed design-management decisions regarding the budget constraints of the project. To determine the most cost-effective solution, we will consider and present alternate materials and construction techniques and explain how they affect cost, schedule, and quality.

Value engineering and alternative cost studies of systems, equipment, construction materials, and methods are conducted throughout the design process. Landau will utilize its formal value engineering system that logs and tracks each suggestion gathered from the entire project team. Our estimators will then take the lead in assessing not only the initial construction costs of each value engineering item or alternative, but also operational, utility, and maintenance costs and any potential impacts on the project schedule.

Landau will develop and manage a preconstruction schedule by collecting input and commitments from the entire project team at the project kick-off meeting. This schedule will include all design activities, owner reviews and approvals, and cost estimating activities. As the project scope is refined, we will improve the schedule by incorporating the selection and procurement of long-lead items and adding the actual construction phase. Finally, a preliminary site logistics plan will be developed and implemented to minimize the impact of construction activities on the rest of the owner’s site and any neighboring areas.

The ultimate goal of formal preconstruction is to ensure that the owner does not receive any unpleasant surprises during the project. Our extensive experience allows us to develop an approach to the project that meets both budgetary and functional constraints and enables us to anticipate and avoid unnecessary costs and delays. Our thorough preconstruction process ensures that the project the owner expects is the one they receive.