Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall

  • Project: Restoration and Renovations 
  • Owner: Andrew Carnegie Free Library 
  • Location: Carnegie, Pennsylvania 
  • Architect: The Design Alliance Architects 

The Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall was designed by Struthers and Hannah in 1899, and was built overlooking Carnegie’s Main Street. The Italianate façade is composed of russet colored brick with terra cotta trim. Landau Building Company worked on the Andrew Carnegie Free Library in phases beginning in 2004 through 2011. Each phase was contracted as funding became available. Landau Building Company restored the music hall basement, lobby, and elevator. The façade, roof and windows were also restored. The Captain Thomas Espy Post No. 153 or the “Civil War Room” is recognized as a national treasure. This room was used as an actual post during the Civil War. Painstaking restoration work has been completed to bring this room back to its original condition.

“I wanted to write to you to say how grateful we are that the Carnegie’s contractor and Construction Manager is Landau Building Company. We are in such good hands.”

Maggie Forbes, Executive Director at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall