Jefferson Women’s Health and Cancer Center

  • Project: Women's Health and Cancer Center 
  • Owner: Jefferson Regional Memorial Hospital 
  • Location: Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania 
  • Architect: Radelet McCarthy Polletta 

2014 MBA Building Excellence Award for Renovation Construction Over $10 Million

Landau Building Company transformed a medical office building at Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Jefferson Hills, PA into a state-of-the-art Women’s Health and Cancer Center. The project, completed in phases, began in September 2013 and was completed September 2014. Seven building tenants were relocated into spaces renovated by Landau in order to create space for a new Oncology Center on the fourth floor and a new Women’s Health Center on the third floor of Jefferson’s medical office building. Additionally, Landau constructed a $1.2 million addition/renovation to the main entrance, including new walkways, drop-off canopy, vestibule, and main lobby. The primary challenge for this project was the schedule. Multiple phases were in progress at all times, with deadlines occurring nearly every month. Also, about $7 million of the total budget was in infrastructure upgrades, including electrical switchgear, HVAC rooftop air handlers, a new cooling tower, and a new chilled water system. Ensuring all of these elements were operational in time for occupancy of the Oncology and Women’s Health centers was a huge challenge. New piping, electrical/control wiring, and pneumatic tubing had to be extended from the main hospital to the new spaces through many occupied areas, but Landau remained on schedule and under budget. Careful coordination with the facility’s operational staff and maintenance department was essential and helped to minimize impacts as construction progressed simultaneously in different areas. The facility was regularly notified of anticipated shut-downs, closures, and even noisy events to allow for proactive communication with staff and patients. Finishing under budget, Landau provided additional construction services requested by the hospital without extending the original maximum price proposal.