Regional Learning Alliance

  • Project: New Conference & Learning Center 
  • Owner: Regional Alliance Learning 
  • Location: Marshall Township, Pennsylvania 
  • Architect: Renaissance 3 Architects 

2005 Master Builders Association- Project Excellence Award Finalist

The Regional Learning Alliance is a consortium of higher education institutions that share this facility as a satellite educational location. In addition to being used as an instructional home for eleven post-secondary partners, the facility is also used as a corporate conference, meeting, and training center. Landau Building Company’s recommendations during pre-construction of the project played a pivotal role in its success. The 83,790 square foot facility needed to accommodate a wide range of activities and utilize the principles of sustainable design while being constructed as economically as possible. The completed facility became a model of functional design, construction, and facility application. The steel framed structure with a brick and metal panel exterior has been recognized as a LEED Silver Certified building. Additionally, this facility also received International Association of Conference Center accreditation. This project was completed in eleven months, in time for the academic fall 2004-2005 term.