Construction Forecast 2015 & 2016

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    Burd: Region’s construction industry expected to break out in the next two years – Pittsburgh Business Times

Things are looking up for the construction industry!  Tim Schooley, writer at the Pittsburgh Business Times, published an article featuring Jeff Burd’s construction outlook for the next year. Jeff Burd, publisher of Breaking Ground magazine, presented his construction forecast to the MBA with the prediction that 2015 & 2016 will be break-out years for our construction region. Pittsburgh construction has been awaiting industry growth for a few years now, since about 2009.  So why now?  According to Burd, there is an improving commercial market, strength in the local energy industry, and favorable demographic trends.  Commercial building is now being driven by supply and demand, not only by what can be afforded.  He also predicts, however, an increase in apartment development but a decrease in housing as well as labor, due to baby boomers’ retirement and replacement.

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